Rain, Flooding, Drizzling & Cold

But I made it to Caprock Canyon State Park!


Thought about delaying one more day for better weather, but decided to go for it and get some miles covered. The storms weren't severe & I missed the worst of them. Just steady rain for about 5.5 hours of the 7.5 it took to get here. 

Campsites are covered shelters so all I had to do was hang my hammock and unpack my sleeping bag. There's some kind of freak cold front in the region that had my teeth chattering some by the time I arrived. My rain gear did ok, but after a couple hours of steady rain, the water gets through some.

i spotted a fellow and his wife (Glenn & Stephanie Mueller) with a campfire and asked if I could stand by the fire for a little while to warm up. Turns out he rides too but is convalescing due to a motorcycle accident a month ago. It reminded me to try to stay extra alert. 

Ended up hanging out for the evening drinking. Had nothing to eat but some crackers, so I'm nursing a bit of a hangover this morning. And I forgot to lock up my crackers, so they ended up in a raccoon's belly around 3am when I woke up to all the noshing. 

Think I'll take it easy today and maybe hike a little. There's supposed to be loads of bison here but I haven't seen any yet. 

Caprock Canyon State Park, Texas

Caprock Canyon State Park, Texas

Better go settle up with the park rangers then get my coffee started. It was hard to make out any landscape details through the mist yesterday evening. Now that the sun is starting to pop through, it's looking promising indeed!