Playing with the @FRICKbits Data Art iPhone app on this Trip

Abstract Skip Hunt Travel Data Art

Skip Hunt Rideabout Summer 2015 Baseline

Recently I discovered the work of Austin-based artist Laurie Frick and love it! She uses data to create art and even designed a free iPhone app called Frickbits that captures your data, for a specified span of time, then after you select the color palette to work with, it creates these abstract graphics. Pretty cool!

I've mostly been sticking around my neighborhood for the most part so far, so there's not much data for the app to use. But, I captured the last few days as a base-line, and will mix the various creations created by my data on this trip. I'm not sure how it works if you turn off GPS for awhile, as I like to do to save battery power, but we'll see.  

The first one before I leave tomorrow is in this post. I'll try to add more as they evolve along the trail, so stay tuned! :)

Vicarious Travel Postcards

Vicarious Travel Postcards 2013-2014

Also, if you haven't already climbed aboard, there's still time to get in on my Vicarious Travel Postcard project. For just $30 you get 5 custom postcards that I create from my photography on the road, along with text of the most personally resonate moments while I'm hopefully in the zone. Mailed to the address you provide anywhere in the world! 

Because these cards are post data printed with the location they're sent from and the date, along with your address, they're essentially each one-of-a-kind limited editions! 

There's a deadline of this Wednesday 7/8/2015, but I'll likely the gate open just a little longer until right before the first cards go out. After that, I'll have to close it down for new Vicarious travelers. 

If you want in on this groovy coolness, click HERE for more info and to participate!

T-Minus 24hrs-ish before launch!