Ground Control to Major Tom

Port Lavaca, Texas

Should maybe look for a room soon... Or, maybe I can just keep going & park on the beach somewhere? Best find a bottle to accompany me just in case.

Freeport, Texas

Made it. Alone at night, on the beach. A bit eerie to be honest.


Please pardon the ignorant question, but if high tide is 10PM today & it's already 9:35... the surf isn't going to get much closer to my car is it? Low tide is around 5AM tomorrow, so I'm guessing that means it's all good. Yes?

Out here, alone in my tin-can car, at the beach, in the cold night... I feel like Major Tom sending messages to "ground control"

Rained hard all night with a strong wind. Drunks in giant trucks kept pulling onto the beach, driving in wild rage & spinning donuts in the sand. Wasn't sure who exactly they were trying to impress.

Even though, it's dreary weather and I didn't sleep well, it does feel like a regular journey somehow. Not sure how I feel about having no real direction though. 

Since my car isn't amphibious, I guess I'll just keep going along the coastline awhile.


First Stop

Lockhart, Texas

Kind of drizzly and cold. Wondering why I'm doing this, but it does feel just like the beginning of any journey, regardless of the exotic or complexity. The act of moving feels about the same. Though, this complete lack of plan feels very strange. Not sure what to make of it. Still have a little light so might just keep moving... or not.

Wasn't really hungry, but recently saw a report about how great the meat is here. Glad I stopped!

Black's BBQ ~ Lockhart, Texas © 2013 Skip Hunt

Black's BBQ 2 ~ Lockhart, Texas © 2013 Skip Hunt

Stroll ~ Lockhart, Texas © 2013 Skip Hunt

Aqui ~ Lockhart, Texas © 2013 Skip Hunt

Pebble ~ Lockhart, Texas © 2013 Skip Hunt

Big Fish ~ Lockhart, Texas © 2013 Skip Hunt

Too Cozy in the Nest

Stab'm and steer!

Can't believe I'm still talking myself out of this. "It's raining... it's cold... nothing of interest to see out there anywhere near the cozy nest... "

I thought that was the point? To see if just moving without a goal, place to get to, or scenery to see... would be enough to get the creative synapses firing?

Ok Skip, enough with the excuses. You don't have anything pressing at the moment. You've got new tires on the car and most of your batteries are charged... just stick the key in, stab'm and steer!

Well, I dunno... seems like a fruitless endeavor. Shouldn't we have something at least sketched out with regard to route? Or, possible roadside attractions?

Are you even listening to me? It's true that it may be a complete waste of time and utterly boring with nothing to show for it. But, you won't know until you try. Now, get off the freakin' computer... grab a shower... don't even pack, just grab a bunch of stuff and throw it in the back seat. If you're not gone before noon... well, let's just say I'll be very disappointed in you sir.

Now git Son!!!

To drift or not to drift?

An adventurous thrust into the sticky butterscotch pudding of banality...

Hard Knock Life  ~ Xalapa, Mexico © 2013 Skip Hunt

Hard Knock Life ~ Xalapa, Mexico © 2013 Skip Hunt

Wondering if just taking off for 3 days would be cool. The weather is kinda unpleasant for a motorcycle trip, but I do have a car that I need to run some gas through. And I don't have to do much to pack other than grab a shower kit, change of clothes, and my camera stuff. 

Had thought about just going to the coast and getting a cheap room, but it's supposed to be cold and rainy for the next few days. Then I thought maybe I could just take off driving with no destination at all... just keep going and changing directions... not even heading toward any particular place at all... sleeping in my car. 

Thought about heading straight North, checking out the last residence of William Burroughs in Lawrence, Kansas and stopping for a night or two in Missouri with someone who recently offered free room & board. Only problem is that there's this winter storm warning with icy roads, snow, etc. Might just wait and do that one on the motorcycle with a little better weather. 

Everyone will be traveling this week also for Thanksgiving, so there's that to consider... but if I'm not in a hurry and don't have a destination or schedule... what does it matter?

Just letting my mind wander and will likely just stay put. But it's fun to consider the act of just moving, thinking, meandering through the ether for a couple days or so. I could even head out in the morning and get back by Wednesday evening... in time for Thanksgiving. 

I wonder if there are particular truck stops to look for in case I want to indulge my guilty pleasure of bathing daily? Don't mind grabbing a cheap hotel room if one's available, but also don't mind just stretching out in my car to catch a few z's. Wonder what the laws are about that? Bet you can't just pull over and sleep anywhere these days. And you might find yourself meeting a steel pipe to the head in the middle of the night if you're not careful. Aha! And element of danger too! 

This aimless wandering in a car that also can provide shelter in a pinch, with no plan or destination at all... is starting to sound like something I might want to experiment with.

not having any destination at all. Just moving, thinking, sleeping, thinking some more, writing something down, taking a few snaps, and then getting back home in time for Thanksgiving. Might even drive a giant circle around Austin. 

I figure if I don't go any more North than Austin, I'll avoid ice and such. That leaves East, West, South... still lots of options. Could take my sleeping bag just in case it gets colder than I plan, but if cheap motel rooms present themselves, they'd certainly add their own charm to the trip. If I go, will call it simply... "Drifting" 

Mostly curious if the act of movement alone... away from the familiar without a destination at all, or even particularly interesting landscape... will fire up and the same creative synapses as a regular, more scenic journey with a set destination as the goal and payoff  usually does.

If I do get a wild hair, will pull out this morning I think. Will keep a running instagram feed or maybe some blog posts... will try to at least resist or limit posting every banal thought or pics of my food... and definitely no selfies. "Machete don't take selfies."