Too Cozy in the Nest

Stab'm and steer!

Can't believe I'm still talking myself out of this. "It's raining... it's cold... nothing of interest to see out there anywhere near the cozy nest... "

I thought that was the point? To see if just moving without a goal, place to get to, or scenery to see... would be enough to get the creative synapses firing?

Ok Skip, enough with the excuses. You don't have anything pressing at the moment. You've got new tires on the car and most of your batteries are charged... just stick the key in, stab'm and steer!

Well, I dunno... seems like a fruitless endeavor. Shouldn't we have something at least sketched out with regard to route? Or, possible roadside attractions?

Are you even listening to me? It's true that it may be a complete waste of time and utterly boring with nothing to show for it. But, you won't know until you try. Now, get off the freakin' computer... grab a shower... don't even pack, just grab a bunch of stuff and throw it in the back seat. If you're not gone before noon... well, let's just say I'll be very disappointed in you sir.

Now git Son!!!