Ground Control to Major Tom

Port Lavaca, Texas

Should maybe look for a room soon... Or, maybe I can just keep going & park on the beach somewhere? Best find a bottle to accompany me just in case.

Freeport, Texas

Made it. Alone at night, on the beach. A bit eerie to be honest.


Please pardon the ignorant question, but if high tide is 10PM today & it's already 9:35... the surf isn't going to get much closer to my car is it? Low tide is around 5AM tomorrow, so I'm guessing that means it's all good. Yes?

Out here, alone in my tin-can car, at the beach, in the cold night... I feel like Major Tom sending messages to "ground control"

Rained hard all night with a strong wind. Drunks in giant trucks kept pulling onto the beach, driving in wild rage & spinning donuts in the sand. Wasn't sure who exactly they were trying to impress.

Even though, it's dreary weather and I didn't sleep well, it does feel like a regular journey somehow. Not sure how I feel about having no real direction though. 

Since my car isn't amphibious, I guess I'll just keep going along the coastline awhile.