Using your iPad and iPhone as Mini Soft Boxes

Macro Photography Lighting Tip!

Sometimes I like to switch it up and focus my photographic perspective at a macro level. This is something I do frequently to keep it fresh and force myself to "see" a given place more completely. 

One problem with doing macro photography is getting light in close. For low-light or studio type set-ups, it's particularly difficult. There have been postings about using your iPad or laptop as a miniature soft box light source and I've meant to try it. Until today, I hadn't got around to it until I read yet another article about using the iPad. 

After a quick search of iTunes, I found the popular app that folks appear to be using, but noticed this other app that ALSO works on your iPhone and allows you to connect and control one device from the other. Perfect! A portable, easy to use 2-light macro setup. 

I've got the app on my iPhone and iPad. So far it seems to work very well. Will take it for a spin and update this post later with sample images.

There are several apps that do this sort of thing in the iTunes app store, but I chose this Photo Light HD (Softbox) because it's a universal app that works with iPad and iPhone. It also was updated this year and the developer was quick to reply to my questions. 

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