Chia Tip

How To Get'm Down Nice & Easy 

While recently traveling in Mexico working on my Chupacabra story, a friend was raving about the benefits of Chia seeds. I asked, "you mean the same ones they use in Chia pets?" She confirmed they are the same and then referenced some indian runners, and a whole host of other health benefits. 

I figured since I was headed to the San Luis Potosi desert region known as Wikikuta to write and hang out with my old pal Mescalito, and since my diet in the desert tends to be pretty minimalistic, I decided to give them a try.

They're supposed to give you energy too, but I can't say that I experienced anything drastic, if at all. I didn't feel tired for the most part, so I guess that's something. Everything I've found on them has been positive and they're cheaper in Mexico, so I grabbed a couple hundred grams or so.

What to put them in or on was a question. You can sprinkle them on pretty much anything because they really don't have much flavor. They are high in Omega 3's, but not any more than eating a little salmon. Still, it's a convenient way to get some healthy stuff into your diet.

I'm told the Tarahumara indian runners mix them in water I believe, so that's what I was going to try. The trouble is, the Chia soaks up the water and forms this gel stuff. Not as gross as it sounds, but they also sort of all clump together into slimy, gel globs floating in water. It's not too tough to just drink them down, but they were also adhering to the sides of the plastic bottle I was using and just clung no matter how much I shook it up. 

By chance, I wondered if citric acid would help keep the chia gel globs from sticking together and make for a more uniform energy drink concoction. So I squeezed some limes into the mix and it worked perfectly! Not only that, anything with citrus works including orange juice. I mix a little sweetener in as well depending on which citrus form I'm using. So far, my favorite mix is sort of a pulpy lemonade. 

Again, I can't confirm any of the benefits of using Chia and they aren't cheap now that I'm back in Texas, but like I mentioned before... there doesn't seem to be anything but positive reports regarding their use and a little bit goes a long way. You just need to find a way to mix them up without them turning into gel globs, and citrus does just that. :)

If you're already discovered Chia and have other tips to share with me, drop a comment below!

Skip Hunt
Austin, Texas