The Fine Colombian Photo Book is now LIVE!

This is beautifully printed by MagCloud on great paper stock and perfect bound.

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The challenges of traveling throughout Colombia for 6 weeks are still very fresh in my memory. The country is has just recently bounced back from years of drug wars and political upheaval & the work of rebuilding continues as some lingering wrinkles are ironed out.

There's no denying that this is one stunningly beautiful country, populated with some of the finest human beings I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. It's a bit early to tell, but this may be my finest collection of photos to date.

After 6 weeks of wandering around Colombia and a few more weeks of pain-staking editing & culling, I'm happy to announce that the photo book of fine black and white images is now LIVE! 

You can preview & order the photo book HERE

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The Fine Colombian

By Skip Hunt

56 pages, published 8/8/2012

On 5/9/12 Skip Hunt boarded a plane from Austin, Texas bound for Bogota, Colombia.The only plan was going into the unknown and letting the unfamiliar move and inspire. No map or plan to speak of. Just 6-weeks to wander and make images. This photo book contains the 56 images representing the finest black & whites during the journey.© 2012 Skip Hunt Fine Art Prints from this collection HERECheck out Colombia 2012 (color) HERE