LithoFusion Featured on Appafolio!

Delighted to learn that Appafolio is currently featuring my LithoFusion Collection app on their site!

For those of you wanting to present your work and or product in an iPhone & iPad app without having to code anything and viewable off-line, check out Appafolio. I created a portfolio of my LithoFusion Collection on Appafolio almost a year ago and can't believe how far it's now advanced. You can even create "Buy" links by simply adding the url where the product is located within an image gallery. You can also add slideshows and videos, but I haven't tried out the video feature yet since I wanted to keep the download manageable. 

It's also very impressive that they've done this in a way that's completely intuitive and customizable. I just completely re-edited my LithoFusion app and had it updated for download in less than an hour! No coding and mostly drag & drop layout. 

Looks like you can even submit an app for sale in the iTunes app store if you have a developer account. And, it apparently works with Kindle Fire as well, but I don't have one of those to test.  They are also launching Android fully today and I've heard a rumor that they have a 'beta' web player coming out as well, probably tomorrow, maybe next week. Pretty freakin' cool huh?!

After you download the FREE Appafolio app, check out my LithoFusion Appafolio at or enter passphrase 'lithofusion' into the Appafolio iPhone/iPad app. Download it at