Hmmm... Let's call it the "Chupacabra Tour"!

In just 4 days I'm flying to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico as an entry point... will hang out for a few days before climbing aboard a bus for who knows where?!

I really didn't have a reason or plan at all for this trip (and don't generally) but I'd just returned from traveling in Colombia where I made some fairly satisfying black and white images and captured some the most delicious Colombian color and landscapes I've seen in my travels to date. So why be in such a hurry to ramble yet again so soon? Quien sabe.

After finally recording some audio tracks into chapters so that I could at least get through the story with minimal editing and offer it as an audio book, the idea of maybe trying to push this true story forward to shoot as a movie started to materialize. I figure that I'm going to be in the same general locations that the story took place, and since I've never seriously considered making a movie out of it... well, it seemed high time that I revisit the story over a decade later to see if maybe it has legs. 

A True Story | Audio Book + 01:45:32

A True Story | Audio Book + 01:45:32

Am I just procrastinating? Perhaps. I've been to these places many times before and have already made many Mexico images on previous trips. I'm hoping to accomplish a tighter focus and being able to "see" this as a movie in my mind's eye... with making new images specifically related to my CHUPACABRA | A True Story I'm hoping to get a similar level of obsession that almost cost me my life over 13 years ago. The audio book project was initially intended to save the story for myself. Then, it's purpose became to see if other's were intrigued enough to buy the audio book. Now, it's evolved into a purpose for this trip. Where it will go from there I can't say, but with some encouragement from friends, and that strange tingle you can get sometimes that implies "now is the time"... I'll soon see if CHUPACABRA | A True Story will live beyond a recorded story. 

I'm going to listen to the story while traveling and grab extra images that could serve as companion pieces specifically for this story, and possibly useful cinematic location shots. If this story intrigues you at least the $3 worth :) And you want to listen to what will be guiding me on my next journey, I've made it available for purchase & download HERE 

(This is the first short 8 minute "set-up" chapter for you to sample first)

There's won't be a project site with this so that I can focus solely on getting intimate with my own story once again. I'll be posting stuff along the way when possible as thoughts, images and sounds relate to this story. Should be an interesting trip if the Great Spirit see my intentions as earnest and worthy. Wish me suerte (luck)!

Skip Hunt 
Austin, Texas