Back in one piece from Chupacabra Tour 2012

And, what a long strange trip it was!

It was a rough trip, but overall... extremely productive. The whole focus on the Chupacabra story as really a last minute idea to work on, but became the main driving force of the entire trip. Got some sweet images and have almost completed the screenplay version!

The trip was mostly chronicled on Storify HERE for more details.

Also got some video clips that I will use in the iBook version and possibly a pre-production movie trailer to hopefully raise funds. Check it out!

A few snaps from the Chupacabra Tour

I've got the true account recording I made in audiobook format for sale and download here:

Chupacabra Audiobook

And, I've also got the first 3 chapters available via iTunes podcast for free HERE

Back to finishing the screenplay... more coming!