Valerian? Chocolate with Chili? Mescalito?

Wonder what it was that sent me?

Eye Witness © 2013 Skip Hunt

Took some Valerian the night before last and last night as well... right before going to bed. Last night I took it after eating some Valentine chili-laced dark chocolate. 

Oh WOW. 

I had such amazingly vivid dreams. The sort that make you forget it's a dream until you wake up. In the last dream sequence, I was in the military. It was in the middle of the night or very early morning. The lights came on for some unknown reason. 

We were getting up or waiting for the lights to turn back off so that we could go back to sleep, when some sirens started to blare. An officer came rushing in and pointed to me and a small group of other soldiers to get suited up. He said this wasn't a drill.

I started to panic and was struggling to get all my gear on. My mind went blank and I was trying to remember my training. It was all I could do to get my clothes on in the right order. I heard some planes and choppers overhead. Some explosions could be heard and I couldn't tell if they were from grenades or coming from the sky. 

Just kept telling myself not to panic... "Remember your training. Don't panic. If you panic, you're dead." Only, I couldn't remember what I was supposed to do at all. Just that I was heading out into the dark with a gun, a heavy pack and some explosives. Someone was going to be shooting at me, and it was my job to not get shot and try to shoot back. I'd never actually shot anyone before.

All suited up,  we made for the door as another chopper was hovering overhead. I didn't know if it was one of ours or theirs. Another explosion, then I woke up. 

So glad that was a dream... and even more glad that's not my job. Much respect to those who do that kind of job under that level of pressure and can keep a focussed enough head to remember their training. I'm afraid, when push came to shove... I was sadly about to lose it. 

Was it the Valentine chocolate bar that had chili mixed in? Maybe that was the key catalyst that sent me into an alternate reality. Or, perhaps there's still a hint of Mescalito's desert residue still flowing about my brain chemistry.

Whatever it was.. think I'll skip the Valerian tonight. ;)