Thinking a lot lately about omnipresence of mind...

I get stuck in a loop thinking about the nature of everything being connected, that there's no real separation between anything... it's all one expression of one eternal moment, and yet perceptively all separated at the same time. Possibly predestined, and possibly ever changing. All of thought, existence, matter, non-matter, coexisting, flowing, and folding in on itself. 

Then I read a quote “In the light of eternity, none of this really matters."

When asked where Steven Colbert get's his fearlessness in comedy, he said his mother used to say this to him. I wondered what it meant, and started focussing on the words "light of eternity" and imagination took me to a place I'd been to when I almost died many years ago during a Mezateco ceremony in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico. (recalled in my audio book The Silver Thread)

That other place beyond, is really impossible to describe in words. Sort of like everywhere and all time, all light, all energy, and all color... all at the same time. Sort of like a plasmotic life-force encompassing all. Sort of like what I'd imagine the "light of eternity" might be.

Everything being and not-being while swirling in on itself in some transcendent, mysterious, fulfilling, mystic vortex.

"Vortex 2" ~ Late Night Abstract Composition: motion + sound © 2015 Skip Hunt