From where does this resonate?

From Memory and/or Somewhere Unspeakable

"Redrum" ~ Spicewood, Texas © 2012 Skip Hunt

"Redrum" ~ Spicewood, Texas © 2012 Skip Hunt

I like to drop a bunch of extra images that aren't a part of any other collection into a miscellaneous folder and look through every now and then with fresh eyes. It's always easier to "see" the images once more water has run under the bridge and the memories aren't as fresh.

Saw this one last night and thought, "That one looks sorta nice, and I'm enjoying lingering with it as well. Might be something there. "

This one isn't a nice landscape or something more defined, but something about this composition really resonates personally for me.

I wonder if that comes more from some vaguely connected personal memory of this time an place when the image was made? Or, is this resonating purely from the juxtaposition of color, texture & line?

"Redrum" ~ Spicewood, TX © 2012 Skip Hunt