Interfere or Leave Fate Well Alone?

Sometimes I'll have a blurry memory of someone I used to know many years ago. It's almost always a delightful memory that causes me to wonder how and when this perfectly magnificent friendship just faded away. How could I have allowed it? Was there something that happened that I'm just forgetting? Was the friendship not as strong as my memory recalls? Or, was it just a natural course of fate... the current just carried you this way in the river's fork & your friend was carried the other way. You're powerless to the whims of fate.

"Yin Yang"  © 2012 Skip Hunt

"Yin Yang" © 2012 Skip Hunt

All of the friends I made in college are now vague memories & almost all of the friends I made in the military have evaporated in time as well. I can still remember the most fresh casualties to the passage of time & can sense more falling away very soon.

What I'm not quite sure about is whether we should do something about it, or just let these relationships pass into the ether as they must... Or should we fight to cling & preserve them against all odds? I'm mostly inclined to hum along with "Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)" but often I wonder... if we even have a choice in the matter.

Skip Hunt
Austin, Texas