Where and how do you go to forge a new dream?

Think I lost my dream somewhere along the way. Or, perhaps I never really had one to begin with.

You get these ideas in your head at given points in time of what it is you think you want and then everything gets sorta put on autopilot. Could have sworn I had one, but somehow it either evaporated away, or was just an idea of the essence of "dream" without any details.

One day... you ask yourself what you really want out of life and what your "dream come true" would look like. Trouble is, I don't have a clear and solid answer for that. Drawing a blank.

I wander where one wonders to find a brand spankin' new dream? Or, is it just ok to be comfortable with whatever is happening in the now without the slightest concern for any particular "dream" or goal to be working towards?

Great Spirit ~ Wirikuta, Mexico +   LithoFusion Collection

Great Spirit ~ Wirikuta, Mexico + LithoFusion Collection