Packed for one more motorcycle gear shake-out trip!

Just have the bike all packed up for another short 5-day trip. Readjusted my gear, packing, added some stuff I was missing, and got a new travel camera to test out. Heading to Galveston for a couple nights, then camp a couple nights on the way back heading Southwest to possibly Lake Texana, but not certain yet. After this one, I think I'll have it all dialed in to head out toward New Mexico for a longer adventure. Will partly be concentrating on what to do with the rest of my life while just letting inspiration flow-in from the road experience.

In the past I've tried to finance my travel by publishing books, did a Kickstarter/Indigogo, and had a private and exclusive blog for contributors. A little help from product sponsors as well. My next longer trip, I think I'll just simplify it. This time I'll keep a special trip blog that anyone can follow along with, but I'll add a PayPal "tip jar". Those who like what I do from the road, and have the means to "tip" me for my efforts, will have an easy way to do so. Those who love my work but are light in the pocket book at the moment, will be able to follow along as well. 

Thinking I'll offer a discounted pre-ordered print deal that includes some extra supporter dispatches from the road. These will be additional images and some text to go with each image, but not the multiple page offerings I've done in the past. I've found there's just so much stuff out there that it's better to just get to the point and only share the very best stuff. At some point I may do another photo book of the trip, but it won't be a supporter offering/option on the next trip. 

For the most part, I'll be focussing more on the trip... making new images... and some concise (hopefully compelling) dispatches... and won't spend time publishing print or promoting from the road. I've found all the publishing, promoting, etc. that I've done from the road in the past, tends to take me too far out of the actual travel experience.

Will drop a note before I leave for New Mexico with the options, but the trip tomorrow is just to see if I've got all my gear and packing as efficient as I can get it. :)