Face in the moon easier to see with the naked eye?

Desire to find faces, or making order from chaos?

In telephotos of the full moon, it's difficult to see a face of any sort. But, it can be seen clearly by the naked eye. Do you suppose it has more to do with the way our brains process abstract shadows looking for faces? Or, the attempt to find order in chaos? Not sure, but listen to the speculation in this video. 

The video is two parts. First part is some wondering speculation at the beginning of the journey, and the second part is the "diving into" the rest of the trip. There wasn't any specific purpose for this, other than to test some consumer-grade Nikon D5300 dSLR filmmaking gear, along with a GoPro for travel and to see if the combination could be used to get a decent image for some future short film stuff.

The music under the narration is Rumba and Liza Subbotina from the album "Wandering Soul" by Mark Subbotin

The music in the second half is A ESTHER FORERO - Jan Y Su Son Latino from the album "Homenaje a Esthercita Forero. La Novia de Barranquilla" by Jan y Su Son Latino

If your system and connection can support it, make sure you click through to YouTube and select the HD1080 setting to view for maximum resolution.