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Postcards from the MidWest Moto 2013 Tour

UPDATE: The promo will be closed off by 10AM CST this coming Monday May 19th. I'm only taking mobile devices and need to have my postal address list final before I leave. If you're on the fence, climb aboard before the gate closes! :)

Bringing back the Virtual Companion Travel Tickets that I started while traveling in the Midwest last Summer. This time, I'm going to take off from Austin toward Uncertain, Texas. From there, I expect I'll cross into Arkansas. Who knows after that! Tentatively, I'm thinking of circling the central portion of the U.S. around Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Texas and Oklahoma. But the 3-4 week motorcycle route will be made up on-the-fly and dictated by the winds and weather.

As I find interesting places and meet other spirits along the trail, I'll create a custom photo postcard, add a couple paragraphs of story, and then surprise you with a custom postcard 5 times from the places that resonate most. 

The postcards will be post-marked from wherever they're sent by me and addressed to the address you provide. So, in essence, these are one-of-a-kind postcards to be collected!

I'll send these to the address to provide when you purchase your ticket below, and you can also buy a ticket for a friend. Just provide your friend's mailing address where it says "Alternate Mailing Address"

(DEADLINE - Monday 5/19)


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"Betty Boots" ~ Nashville, Tennessee © 2014 Skip Hunt

This ROCKIN' sweetness & following text were sent as part of my Vicarious Travel postcard dispatches last Summer!

-I'd already heard of this "Southern Hospitality", but it's startling when you experience it first hand. It's hard to tell for sure whether the gestures are sincere or merely lip service. Somehow, it doesn't matter. When a pretty girl at a Nashville BBQ stand flashes them pearlies and instructs you to "Take care now, ya hear!"... it rubs off on & ya just know everything's gonna be alright. 

"Kudzu" ~ Pineville, Kentucky © 2014 Skip Hunt

Lush, alien growth & following text were sent as part of my Vicarious Travel postcard dispatches last Summer. 

-There was a cluster of these alien Kudzu vines forming some sort of wild spirit sanctuary and finally a place to pull over to get a closer look. A large man in miner coveralls pulled up in a truck & stared me down hard. "Can I ask watch yer taken pitchers of there son?" I got tongue-tied trying to explain my awe. "This is so amazing! We don't have anything like this in Texas!" He smiled, "Well this here's my bosses property & he's already down in the mine. Something didn't look right so I figured I'd check it out. But I don't have a problem with any soul merely appreciating God's creation... carry on."

"Hotcakes" ~ Natchez, Mississipi © 2014 Skip Hunt

Sent this roadside attraction and the following text as a custom postcard last Summer.

-As you wander across the U.S., you find the broken & hopeless. A big divided nation pleading for salvation. You see evidence of murky darkness that runs as deep and wide as the Mississippi River. 

If you just hang in there, the smoke starts to clear, the muddy waters recede, and a golden shaft of truth begins to enlighten the lush, green landscape. You pass through the storm clouds, have another look & you'll find her there waiting with a big ol' tray of hotcakes & a big beautiful smile on her face.

"Barn Dance" ~ Ozarks, Arkansas © 2014 Skip Hunt

This delightful ol' soul of a barn & following text were sent as part of my Vicarious Travel postcard dispatches last Summer.  

-Stopped in this back woods cafe somewhere deep in the Ozarks. I'd heard the food was the best in the county, but they also had a serious fly problem.

Avoiding pretension, I told the waitress about how they hang bags of water in Mexico to keep the flies away and that it's usually several bags. She thought maybe they'd hang a dozen right other the tables. I said, "Nah, you wouldn't want to spoil the nice ambiance here."

She giggled and replied, "I like dat word... OM-BEE-AHNZ!"