Two Thumbs Way Up for BikeGlow Bad-Ass Bike Bling!

Gliding Alien Life Form?

My neighborhood cruiser :)

Last year I got a stocking stuffer that initially had me scratching my head. Some glowing light fiber stuff that you're supposed to wrap around your bike. Seemed kinda frivolous, but it was a gift from my wife so I felt I should at least see how it looked. 

I was so surprised at just how much fun it's been cruising around the neighborhood on my bike during the early evening and at night! The other day I was riding and two young boys were out in their yard. As I went pedaling by all a-aglow, they just stopped what they were doing and watching in amazement as I passed. At the last minute before I was too far away to make eye contact, they both thrust their thumbs way up in obvious approval of my bad-ass bike bling!

A little further down the road there was an older woman waiting for someone on her drive-way. She had her arms crossed and looked a bit annoyed at first... then after realizing what she was looking at was not some alien life from gliding by, but some funky dude on a bicycle... her face just lit up with the same level of obvious approval that the boys had displayed. 

Not only have these lights been a riot, they've also saved me from getting hit by cars on at least 3 occasions I can recall. So, not only are they fun... they also make riding after dark much safer!

I don't have any particular interest in this company, but after having some trouble with the first BikeGlow lights, I contacted their customer service and they had a new one already on it's way to me within an hour. No hassle at all! No complicated return codes, or having to ship anything back. They simply took care of me with no pain what-so-ever. I just really appreciate the fact that there are still companies out there who treat the customer with a very high level of value. I was so blown away by their service that I just had to share.

if you're looking for a really fun gift that's not too expensive, more fun that a barrel of monkeys, and also makes you more safe on the road, check out

I think my BlkeGlow lights came off the shelf from REI, but you can order directly from their site and I bet a few bike shops carry them as well.

You won't be disappointed! 

Skip Hunt
Austin, Texas