Wandering Canyon Road

The temps drop really fast around here, at least they do in the forest I'm camping in just outside of Santa Fe. As soon as the sun dropped behind the mountain it felt like the temperature dropped a good 20 degrees.

There was a fellow camping near me on a motorcycle as well. He's all loaded up for long distance but when I asked where he comes from he said Santa Fe. Said he was camping out to work on his monastic studies, etc. he seemed a bit off. I figured I was disturbing his chi gong vibrations or something but he insisted on hearing stories about traveling in Mexico. He just stared at me with this goofy grin and his eyes nearly shut, so I asked him if he was stoned. He got offended with the question and said he was just really relaxed. Uh-huh. ;)

The fires are under control without even the smell of smoke anymore. Very impressive! Decided to stay on a second night and am now wandering the Canyon Road art galleries, but to be honest... I think I'd rather be riding and/or hiking around the forest near my camp.

Stopped by the UPS Store and my replacement sleeping bag was already there! All is groovy now. Gotta give props to Amazon. I know we're supposed to buy local, from mom & pop shops and all, but I can't imagine any mom & pop shop taking my word for it the product I'd purchased was flawed and agreeing to overnight a replacement to me at no cost... while I'm on he road. Thanks Amazon!

Off to wander the galleries a little more then I think I'll go cruising around the mountain roads and hiking in the woods. It's too beautiful a day to be in a gallery. :)

Heading toward Chaco Canyon tomorrow I think. Stay tuned!