Ran into a slight snag...

Everything was beautiful until the temps dropped & I went to zip up my brand new sleeping bag. I'd zipped it up once before I packed it, but now the teeth wouldn't grab. Shivering I tried to fix it under flashlight without luck. Went to the park restroom for more light & still a no go.

Managed to bundle up enough to get through the night but what'll I do for the areas I'm going that have nighttime lows in the 30F's?!

I don't have much signal here, but managed to call Amazon customer support where I bought it. Didn't really expect much & assumed I'd likely just have to buy a new one along the way & give this busted one away.

Told Amazon the bind I was in and asked if they could overnight me a replacement sleeping bag to Santa Fe where I'm camping tonight. They said they'd do it, have it on the way to a UPS Store in Santa Fe with a return shipping label for the defective bag.

Can you believe that level of service?!!!

Just need to make it through one more night with a busted zipper & I should have a replacement waiting for me in Santa Fe tomorrow. We shall see. :)

Onward toward Santa Fe!