Dark Dreams & Hopi Hail Storm Punishment

Oh wow, I had some of the most intense dreams/nightmares last night. The kind that when you wake up, you're not completely sure it was a dream.

In the dream, I had been diagnosed with possible cancer. I had to prepare for some procedure when the doctor would basically give me drugs that would stop my heart & effectively kill me, while they administered some other hardcore chemicals. Then, they'd bring me back.

I had to get prepared & say goodbyes and all for a full day before the procedure. And, in the dream this was my second time to go through this procedure.

Never have I been so happy to wake up in a roadside Motel 6! ;) Really took more than a few uncomfortable moments convincing myself it was only a messed up nightmare.

I felt something strong in the Hopi reservation. Partly good & spiritual. But I have to be honest too, although I went there expecting some deep spiritual connection, I felt something of a dark trickster presence there too.

Every Hopi person I met were extremely warm and friendly. Real salt of the earth folks, but I also sensed something dark there as well. The way that hail storm came upon me out of nowhere, pummeling relentlessly, felt like some sort of aggressive act. I know that sounds crazy, but after the intensity of lasts nights dreamscape, I'm sort of ready to get on down the road.

Thought about doing Canyon de Chelly, but from what I've heard about all the Navajo jewelry vendors & expensive guides, etc. I'm thinking I'll work my way toward the Gila Cliff Dwellings in New Mexico.

The dreams I had while camping in Sedona were strangely magical and had a strong mystic quality. The place I visited in my dreams there was a place I'd visited in another dream years ago, only this time was far more vivid with more revealed. Possibly another dimension altogether.

Imagine... all that without drugs. ;)

Might wander around Holbrook a little before moving on. Check out is at noon, but I don't want to spend that time editing photos, so I'll add the Sedona dispatch later & out of order.

Will continue updating my Instagram Feed when possible.

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