membrane: #1 Departure sometime in the next 2 days. ​Disfruta. :)​

Membrane: Mexico Winter 2013

The first of a new collection of travel reali-fiction I'm calling "Membranes". Travel fiction from the road that mixes actual events with fiction. The line between each (the membrane) blurred. 

This is an experiment I'm playing with and first one may be renamed after the journey. My name is Skip Hunt, but my legal name is Walter Stockton Hunt. To continue the blurring of real and fiction (realifiction) the main character will be called Walter Stockton. 

Various street and abstract photos taken along the way, as well as possibly some audio and video will be used to illustrate the story. 

There's no outline or plan. This will all be free flowing from the road and mostly unedited. Some will be truth, some will be exaggerated truth, and some will be born completely from the imagination. 

Follow along via this blog and lets see where this thing goes. Be warned, I have a twisted since of humor and favor the dark corners of the macabre in general. However, there will be no initial theme other than the main character is leaving on a journey. Everything else is up to fate. 

New entries for this story will be announced via my twitter feed + facebook + tumblr

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Departure for this story will be sometime in the next 2-3 days.