Skip Hunt Art Launched on Sedition Art!

A couple weeks ago a friend, and now collector/patron of my work :) suggested I check out this new digital fine art service Sedition Art. He said a lot of my work might do well on the platform so I checked it out. 

Still wrapping my head around the nuts and bolts, but basically the platform allows collectors of art to buy digitally certified limited edition works of art. They can buy, sell, trade and it's all handled in sort of a server-based digital bank. 

Anyway, I've been following the site for a couple weeks and really love the work on display there. Decided I'd give it a shot and see how my own work might do, so I launched my first collection of 5 today. There's a digital painting, a video, and 3 still photos. Eventually, I'll try out some more experimental glitchy loops and such. And, I've already got my first collector! :)

In order to launch, I had to invite 20 people for a "private viewing" before it goes "public" tomorrow. However, it looks like you can view the work by following me on the site too. I'm not certain about that part, but it appears that you can. Maybe the first 20 invited just get first dibs to get in on the editions? 

It's very cool and I'm thrilled to be a part of it! You can check out my first collection HERE, but if the system won't let you view the images larger, they should be public in less that 24hrs of this posting, so check back tomorrow if interested. 

Interesting times we're living in. I'm about to take off for Mexico for anther magical mystery tour to visit some of they places I wandered to on my very first adventure in 1990. I've been meaning to set up a Patreon account so that folks who want to support my work and become patrons. So, I think I'm going to try to keep the majority of my travel posts on that site to see how it does. If you want to check that out, click HERE