Pay Attention to Intuition & Premonition!

Get these premonitions sometimes...

Tend to not mention them when I do to avoid the usual "lay off the shrooms and vino" jokes ;)

I never ignore them though. They've proven themselves fortuitous on many occasions. One of my very rare evangelical friends believes I get accurate premonitions as well, but he thinks it's of the devil. Oh well, I'll take good info where I can get it. ;)

"Shakti Rising" © 2013 Skip Hunt

"Shakti Rising" © 2013 Skip Hunt

Anyway, just this week there was a house fire in my neighborhood. I actually read about it here on Facebook from another friend. When I went to check it out on my bicycle, I got one of those premonitions that I needed to keep extra aware at my own house for some reason. Wasn't sure why but I haven't ignored it. 

Was planning on being gone already to go out to the Herbalismo A Medicinal Plant Festival of the Deep South but have been dragging my feet on packing a little. Wasn't sure why, but a few minutes ago I happened to go into the bathroom where I keep a battery charger and heard some faint sizzling and sparking. 

One of the batteries had exploded and was leaking acid into the large NiMH charger. The whole thing was really hot so I unplugged it and tossed the whole lot into the garbage. I shudder to think what would have happened had I got out and headed for the festival on time!

Lesson: Pay attention to your intuition and premonitions YO!!! :)