Photos from the Chupacabra Tour

Splashes of Color and Texture from Mexico

These are a few images I made while getting location ideas during a trip to Mexico in September 2012 to explore a possible new movie script based on a true story. I managed to get about 110 pages of the script written, but got stuck on the ending. I've since come up with an idea for the ending that requires adding a few pages to the opening. As soon as I can muster up ample enough obsession with this again, I'll at least finish out this draft and tweak dialogue a bit before sharing. 

I'd published a good deal of progress made from the road and had hoped I could keep the obsessive steam going long enough to finish this up from home. Now it seems, I should have just stayed planted in the desert a few more days until I at minimum had the first draft done. 

This project is still very much alive and nagging my psyche to be completed, but the muse is something I've yet to master control of and likely never will. She's never let me down before, so I will await her return patiently.

I'll use this blog to add updates related to the project, but if you'd like to see what I gathered from the road, there are more details HERE

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