Gonna keep pushing the Chupacabra...

...further on down the trail

After a little thought, I'm going to forge ahead with the Chupacabra Movie Project. Thinking I'll refine this script, ie. emphasize some points, more visual description, cut out some of the slow parts that aren't essential (mostly toward beginning and a bit toward the beginning of 3rd act), bring up the driving obsession earlier and show more evidence of it, possibly introduce a vague "inner Chupacabra demon" and loosely reference here and there, and add one more strong scene from the story the main characters writing to splice in about 2/3rds the way through. I toned down the screenwriting references on this version, but will tone them down some more. Don't want so much emphasis on the "writing story" and more on the "blind obsession story". 

Want to use the main character's photo stills he shoots as visual vehicle/FX throughout. Going to do all this and clock it in closer to a tight 100 pages. I believe this will be enough for me to make the rounds to get help. In the meantime, will likely start writing something short that takes place here in Texas that's logistically easier to knock out... just to keep the creative wheels rolling, but I'm convinced this Chupacabra story has potential and is a decent bet.

A friend is going to take a stab at making a new trailer as well. Might cut something else that's richer myself too in case his schedule puts it on the back burner too long. Looked through  the quickie clips I shot with a little YouTube style flip-cam in September, along with the fresh time-lapse and desert stuff I shot, and I think I've got enough to make something a bit better. I really like the Doors, but using their music but since I don't have a license to use it, if of my band pals have something they think would work nicely and would let me use, have a look at the rough trailer I linked to above and drop me a note. 

If you're someone who has any experience at all in shooting motion for dramatic cinema, and or experience recording audio for cinema and this project interests you, drop me a note. At bare minimum I will need 3 person crew that includes myself, and 2 male actors. If you've read the screenplay, 1 actor to play the "Skip" character and 1 other actor other to play the "Diego" character (he's not hispanic - that's just an alias). I can use locals for all the other parts if I have to. 

Onward! :)

~ Skip Hunt