Announcing the MOST comprehensive Skip Hunt collection to date!

This was really something I put together for myself out of images I've published at MagCloud as photo books. I wanted a collection that I could easily take around with me with 10 images from each of the photo books I've published to show galleries potential collections. 120 images in all!

Now that it's complete, I decided to make it publicly available for a holiday special price which will go up considerably after the holidays. 

If you're a fan of my work, this is the most comprehensive collection I've ever offered. My guess is that it would make someone a delightful holiday gift. ;)

You can preview the entire publication at the link below, and prints are available via HERE and HERE

Happy Holidays Everyone and be safe!

Skip Hunt
Austin, Texas

A Few of My Favorite Things

By Skip Hunt

120 pages, published 11/28/2012

I put together this collection from the images I've published in various MagCloud photo book publications. This is the most comprehensive collection I've put together to date.The collection was intended as a portfolio piece with 10 images from published photo books, 120 images in all. Images culled from several different trips and galleries with prints available here: collection is…