Wirikuta Has Once Again Summoned Me

Click to read "Transported from Quemado"

Click to read "Transported from Quemado"

Wahoo! Just bought a one-way to Mexico! Gonna fly into Puerto Vallarta for a few, then meander my way back up towards Texas via bus with a stop off in the San Luis Potosi sacred desert region known to the indigenous as Wirikuta to see how that peace sign made of stone that I started back in 2009. 

I was just there a little over a year ago, but find myself drawn there once again. The last time I was there I had a very strange experience unlike any I've had before. Wrote about it in this post called Transported from Quemado.

I don't think I'm going to fashion this trip into any sort of project this time. Last year's THE DEEP END: Mexico produced a nice enough photo book as well as another fine book of iPhone only images that featured my peace sign on it's cover. I've been traveling in Mexico off and on for over 20 years now and producing content wares like my Skip Hunt Vagabond book and a recorded story of an amazing experience having a ceremony with the Mazateca indians high in the Oaxacan mountains where the famous currandera Maria Sabina once entertained the Beatles, Timothy Leary, Dylan & Donovan. And recorded the experience here

Unless I think of something between now and September when I fly out, I think I'll just make some more Mexican images for the collection and mostly wander & let the great spirit's will direct me this time.

Another time, these Argentine jugglers appeared from seemingly nowhere and entertained me with their brilliant juggling skills. :)

Looking forward to the return to the land of strange magia!


In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move. ~ Douglas Adams

While wandering around the Colombian volcanic mud farm just outside of Tolú, I met the most curious fellow. Despite his festive attire, his absurd aggression both befuddled & amused me.

If you enjoy colorful travel photography, you might very well enjoy having a look at THIS

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In Limbo

I just got back from 6 weeks in Colombia, then about a week hiking the concrete jungles of Washington D.C. and back home now. 
At the moment, I can't decide how I feel about travel. I'm partially happy to be home and not feel like I need to go see anything, but on the other hand... my obsessive wanderlust is tugging in the background asking, "Don't get too comfy bro! Where we headed next?" And I reply, "Geez! Can't a brothah chill for a spell while he recharges his batteries a little?!
~ Skip Hunt