Announcing Release of the Novella "Absinthe Carousel" on Amazon & Apple!

I'm so thrilled to announce that I just released my first "Novella" book for Kindle and also on the Apple Book Store! (print version coming soon)

Cover Art © 2019 Skip Hunt

Cover Art © 2019 Skip Hunt

Now available to read on your favorite device! :)

"An incredible true story. It was to be a three-country, backpacking adventure of making a giant circle from Portugal, Spain... up into the South of France, back through Spain, and back over to Lisbon. The author set out to make the best of a shoestring budget, get a few nice photos and hopefully a decent story to tell.

What ensued was a nearly unbelievable journey immersed in the rich culture of the region, emotive prose that makes you feel like you're traveling along too, and images that take the reader into mysterious dark corners, ethereal rendezvous, Scottish wizards, an unwitting encounter with dark revolutionaries, and so much more.

Punch your ticket and come along for a once in a lifetime, spectacular adventure!"

A quick fun read at 105 pages. 

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